How to choose a microphone for karaoke

Sennheiser XSW 35-A
27 Mar

How to choose a microphone for karaoke

Any person who truly loves home karaoke, sooner or later realizes that he no longer wants to sing in a cheap “plastic rattle” and, accordingly, is asked by the choice of a new microphone. In this article, we will not describe microphones for professionals, since professional vocalists themselves know what they need, but will tell you how to choose an inexpensive but high-quality microphone.

First of all, your choice is to start with a presentation, which microphone you need, a wired or radio system.

Radio microphones are more popular because they are more convenient, and if you have a big holiday, a lot of people have gathered, you and your guests will not have to pull the microphone wire through salads and other dishes on the table. True, radio systems have a significant drawback – a fairly high price, since 70-80% of the cost of any radio system is made up of a transmitter complete with a receiving base. Therefore, by purchasing a cheap radio system, you will not hear the difference between this radio system and your old plastic microphone, and something decent starts from 400$, for example, Sennheiser XSW 35-A.
Sennheiser XSW 35-A

In case you are not ready to spend a large amount on a radio system, it is best to sacrifice the convenience of wireless communication, but to purchase a quality wired microphone.
It is important to remember: microphones are dynamic and condenser, and to connect to a karaoke player, condenser microphones are not suitable, they are designed for the studio. Therefore, you need to choose among dynamic microphones, one of the most popular wired sound recorders for home karaoke is the Shure SV100-A model . The microphone is inexpensive, but it has excellent sound quality, moreover, it comes with an excellent XLR-Jack cable.

Real karaoke fans should pay attention to the most famous model in the world – Shure SM58 , this is the standard among microphones, offering the highest sound quality, having high reliability. Here you need to remember that most of the expensive wired microphones are not equipped with a cable, it will need to be purchased separately.
Shure SM58

Perhaps the main advice when choosing a wired or wireless microphone is the desire to consider options from well-known companies. Acquiring a popular brand microphone, you protect yourself from poor-quality products and are guaranteed to receive high-quality sound, reliable sound equipment.

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