bObsweep PetHair Review: Pros & Cons

10 Mar

bObsweep PetHair Review: Pros & Cons

The bObsweep pet hair robotic vacuum cleaner and mop has all sorts of interesting features, the least of which is the smart, programmable remote control. Like all standard robotic vacuum devices, once you switch it on, it wanders around and cleans, sweeps, and mops any dirt, pet hair, or debris you have on the floor.

It only infrequently requires human assistance and is able to navigate along furniture, stairs, and walls efficiently. Bob (as we will now refer to it) is specifically designed for pet hair, but is fascinating as it comes with a HEPA filter and a UV light disinfecting system.



Design and accessories

Each box contains the cleaner itself, a charging station, an adapter, a remote, a mop attachment and two microfiber mopping cloths, two side brushes, an additional blue main brush, one additional HEPA filter, blindfold and bumper stickers, a bag of screws, a Philips head screwdriver, a cleaning tool, owner’s manual and quick start guide, and your warranty card.



  • Large dustbin. The 1100 ml dustbin is one of the biggest in the industry and contains a three-layer filtration system. This advanced structure keeps smaller suspended particles and dust from escaping into the outside air.
  • Long-lasting battery. The quad-cell Lithium-ion battery supports the functioning of Bob for over 1 hour and 15 minutes on a single charge. The X-amplifies battery also has a two-year warranty.
  • Remote control. You can control every function and movement of the cleaner using its dynamic infrared remote. You can conveniently adjust the cleaning modes and speeds.
  • Low track contouring. To ensure continuous floor contact, the spring actuated surface Automator fine-tunes the level constantly. No matter whether you have tiles or carpets, Bob will clean and suck up pet hair expertly.
  • The most noticeable attribute is its size. It is the largest in height and diameter amongst models of similar functionality. The large, interactive LCD screen works well and displays messages in the first person. This makes it more user-friendly than its peers.

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The setup process is fortunately so easy that it takes only a couple minutes. The user’s manual is detailed and adequate and explains each step and process vividly with the help of illustrations. The cleaner itself is an eye-catching device that is among the most visually appealing.

Owing to its size, the cleaner has trouble going under furniture that is positioned a little lower than usual. The cleaner responds well enough to flooring transitions but this zone definitely has scope for improvement. That being said, it weaves around furniture quite efficiently.

The LCD interface uses plain English and is very easy to understand. There are no complicated codes or symbols associated with errors in different parts of the system. If there is a hitch in functioning, it alerts quickly and adeptly.

One of the most important points to consider is that this robotic vacuum cleaner is the loudest in the range. You cannot keep up a conversation in the same room that it is working in, and the noise is overall bothersome to work around.

The battery performance could have been better given the pricing. If you have a larger house or lots of pets, you might need to charge the device multiple times in a single session.

Thanks to features like visual navigation, auto-dock and recharge, and high sensitivity dust sensors, Bob is exceptionally user-friendly and skillful.

Cleaning capabilities

Bob performs well as far as suction and sweeping are concerned. It is prone to knocking concentrated dirt out of the target area sometimes but cleans up the whole mess in subsequent passes.

It, in fact, performs exceptionally in the area of picking up dust and dirt from almost the entire floor. The extreme corners might be a trouble spot but the cleaner works efficiently in general. It cleans pet hair well, which is to be expected given the name. However, the tufts of hair may block the filter sometimes.

The most interesting feature, in our opinion, is the mopping and sterilizing gear this device contains. It has HEPA filters and UV sterilization apparatus to get rid of bacteria and other microscopic matter.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Large dust bin.
  • Auto charging.
  • Good floor transitions.
  • Programming and scheduling options.
  • Removal of airborne particles with advanced filters.
  • Infrared and edge sensors.
  • Separate cleaning modes.


  • Battery and charging concerns.
  • Might sweep up smaller toys.
  • Cleaning under lower objects.
  • Noisy functioning.
  • Navigation issues.
  • Bulky body.

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